Amala Prayer Beads
Amala Prayer Beads
Amala Prayer Beads
Amala Prayer Beads
Amala Prayer Beads

Amala Prayer Beads

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Mysterious and powerful, Tiger’s eye is considered an “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” thought to bring the wearer an ability to observe everything. Long has it been considered a stone of prosperity and good fortune; protecting the wearers resources and reflecting back threats from others.

With it’s warm and radiant hues, Tiger’s Eye teaches balance between extremes and brings a more practical and compassionate reasoning to one’s choices. It’s also known to bring sharpness to one’s inner vision and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it.

Tiger’s Eye supports necessary change in all aspects of one’s life, stimulating the will and purpose of intention in order to manifest at the deepest level. It is also believed that Tiger’s Eye for increases insight and perception in unfamiliar places and provides protection from the negative intentions of others. It can also sharpen the senses, helping the wearer to pay attention to details.

Natural stones have its unique natural texture and intrinsic mark,high polish,smooth round bead,beautifully polished stones are threaded onto a durable High quality elastic cord.

6mm Beads: measuring roughly 26" length in total. 3 circles about 7" for Wrist size.

8mm Beads: measuring roughly 34" length in total. 4 circles about 7.5" for Wrist size.

You can wear them around your neck,your wrist or hang them around your car or house until you meditate on them.Fit both women and men of any age,wraps approximately three or four times around Men wrist,approximately four or five times around Women wrist.


  • Unisex 8mm 108 Prayer Bead Tibetan Buddhist Stretch Mala Bracelet Necklace
  • Beads Size: about 8mm (0.32 inches); Total Length about: 86.4cm (34 inches).Wear it as a bracelet or necklace.Wraps approximately four times 7.5" around adult wrist
  • Natural Tiger Eye Beads.Tiger Eye stone of health; extracts negative energy from the chakras;enhances commitment to others and to one's self; attracts devotion andexpressions of warmth and understanding from others; protective influence and acalming stable vitality; brings order to chaos.
  • 108 beads - A symbol of the removal of 108 kinds of trouble
  • Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a quote or the name or names of a deity. In Tibetan Buddhism, traditionally malas of 108 beads are used.Doing one 108-bead mala counts as 100 recitations, the extra repetitions done to amend any mistakes in pronunciation or other faults of recitation.

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